Civil War Stories

A 150th Anniversary Collection

Stories from – and about – a nation divided.

At the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post, the Civil War has held an enduring fascination for both readers and writers. Raging from 1861-1865, the Battle Between the States has left a lasting imprint on the United States’ collective psyche for 150 years. CIVIL WAR STORIES: A 105th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION aggregates historical data with contemporary reflections, as journalists and historians put the bloody war into context:

– A timeline of Lincoln’s candidacy – and what may have happened if he had lost the election
– An ode to West Virginia, which abandoned Virginia rather than secede from the Union
– The obstacles faced by emancipated slaves
– Women in the federal workforce – and disguised as men on the battlefields
– The modern anti-slavery crusade of Frederick Douglass’ great-great-great-grandson

Personal stories of tragedy and triumph still resonate today. From biographical histories to examinations of the war’s legacies, Civil War Stories: A 150th Anniversary Collection is a unique compilation of stories of when our nation was divided.
Stories from – and about – a nation divided.

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