Infernal Affairs

An unwitting pact with the devil transforms a hapless, lonely woman into a babe with everything she ever wanted – until the Faustian bill comes due in this hilarious be-careful-what-you-wish-for tale.

Florida real estate agent Barbara Chessner is down on her luck, up several dress sizes, drowning herself in Bloody Marys — and, worst of all, has just been dumped by her husband for a blonde TV weatherperson. Tired of living the life of a woman in a “before” ad, Barbara stumbles outside in the midst of a thunderstorm and beseeches heaven to help her — unaware that someone diabolical might be listening. Instantly, the storm vanishes and the sky fills with stars, one of which actually seems to be winking at her. Barbara wakes up with golden hair (not her own premature gray), perfect pitch (she’s tone deaf), a strange black dog (registered to her), no double chin, a waistline … and definite cleavage! Talk about a good night’s sleep!

Even more bizarre things begin to happen. Without any effort, Barbara sells the least appealing house in Banyan Beach to David Bettinger, the most appealing man she’s ever met. Without any reason, Jeremy Cook, a crude charter-boat captain who has detested her since high school, starts paying her compliments. And without any explanation, everything she wishes for comes true. As David becomes passionate, Jeremy becomes jealous, and everyone becomes suspicious. Barbara’s friends at the Home Sweet Home agency attribute the inexplicable to everything from hot flashes to dark forces. Not even she knows what the devil is going on. But when she finds out, all hell is going to break loose…

“Campy, over the top, down-and-dirty, and a whole lot of fun.”—KIRKUS

“Author Jane Heller strikes gold again with her wickedly funny sense of humor in this hilarious tale of love battling the ultimate forces of darkness.”—RT BOOK REVIEWS

“Move over, Faust: Heller adds a witty, feminist slant to a strictly 20th-century story of the tug-of-war between good and evil.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Sly, smart-mouthed fun.”—PEOPLE

“Fiendishly funny.”—BOOKLIST

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