Princess Charming

The original “Three Blonde Mice” novel featuring three best friends, all divorced, who take a cruise together. The trip could be their last—unless they sort out which of the adoring passengers is Mr. Right and which is the hit man hired by one of their not-so-adoring ex-husbands.

What do you get when you put three divorced women and one desperate hit man on a ship bound for the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean? You get Jane Heller’s sparkling novel of love, sex, and murder. Feisty, fast-talking P.R. executive Elaine Zimmerman and her best friends Jackie Gault and Pat Kovecky have taken their annual vacations together ever since they first met in the courthouse getting their respective divorces.

This year, Jackie and Pat have talked the land-locked Elaine into a seven-day cruise aboard a spectacular megaship, the Princess Charming. It isn’t her idea of a good time—especially when her luggage is mislaid and she’s forced to resort to the ship boutique’s tacky version of cruisewear. The chip on Elaine’s shoulder gets knocked off by a surge of romantic electricity the first night at sea when she’s seated next to Sam Peck. This couldn’t be love at first sight (because she doesn’t believe in love at first sight), or even lust at first sight (because she’s the least lusty person on the planet), but whatever it is she can’t resist it. She’s on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, and it wouldn’t kill her to fall in love.

…Or would it?

A glimmer of doubt becomes full-fledged suspicion when Elaine inadvertently learns that somebody’s ex-wife has been marked for murder—and the hired hit man is already on board. But who’s going to believe a world-wary New York career woman with a touch of paranoia? More to the point, whose ex is out to deep-six whom…

Princess Charming is a sexy, funny, buoyant celebration of friendship, life, lust and, of course, true love. Even if the glass slipper is several sizes too small and the prince arrives about ten years too late.

“Heller strikes again with this razzle-dazzle cruise ship murder mystery, sure to be a big hit with her faithful following.”—KIRKUS

“Jane Heller continues to carve out her own uniquely wonderful and wacky writing niche. PRINCESS CHARMING is sure to make you snicker with delight!”—RT BOOK REVIEWS

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