The Club

What’s a golf widow to do when her commodities trader husband only has eyes for his putter? If she’s Judy Price, she teams up with a sexy cop to solve the murder of her one-and-only friend at the country club.

Judy Price has a handsome husband, a career as a cookbook editor, and a landmark house on two sylvan acres. But when Judy is downsized by her company and can’t find another job, her husband suggests she network by hanging around at The Oaks, the country club he reveres and she abhors. She chafes at the antiquated rules at the Club, where she’s banned from the Men’s Grill and the “visually eventful” 18-hole golf course, and consigned to B-list tennis, overcooked dinners in the main dining room, and the gossip of other golf widows.

Judy finds an unexpected ally in Claire Cox, America’s foremost feminist, who has broken the Club’s ironclad rule against admitting single women. And there are other things about The Oaks Claire wants to change – until she’s found dead in a sand trap on the golf course – bludgeoned with the golf pro’s pitching wedge. When ruggedly handsome local detective Tom Cunningham asks Judy to secretly investigate, she finds herself changing from a conventional wife into a daring woman – one willing to risk her life to bring a killer to justice and a husband to his senses.

“A good-natured murder story with the appealing camp of a TV movie-of-the-week.”—KIRKUS

“Warmth, humor and engaging characters are all elements that make Jane Heller’s newest tale of skullduggery in the suburbs a true delight to read. If you haven’t tried a Jane Heller novel yet, don’t miss this one.”—RT BOOK REVIEWS

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