The Secret Ingredient

“The supremely talented Ms. Heller delivers snappy wit, lush romance, and plenty of surprises… just the thing to spark a romantic adventure of your own. “– DALLAS MORNING NEWS

“Riotous, hilarious, but also ruefully dead-on in depicting the dangers of not appreciating one’s mate – warts and all.” – WOMAN’S OWN

The magic of married life might be fading a little for Elizabeth Baskin, but after six years is it any surprise? That her husband Roger has grown a little paunchy is no big deal. She wouldn’t kick him out of bed for bringing along a spare tire, if he bothered to show any interest. Lately Roger’s great love affair seems to be a sordid three-way between the couch and T.V.

Wondering what happened to the chiseled daredevil who rescued her after her car broke down on the freeway, Elizabeth turns to her sister. When she tips her off to a Beverly Hills doctor who has a pack of miracle herbs that cure every disinterested husband’s ailments, Elizabeth just has to buy it.

She slips the herbs into Roger’s orange juice hoping to get a taste of the man she married, but things go a little sideways. The new Roger isn’t the man she once loved. In fact, he isn’t even someone she likes.

Desperate to get the old Roger back, she breaks into the Beverly Hills doctor’s office looking for the cure and risks jail time, her marriage—and her life.

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