Talking with Serial Killers

Sleeping with Psychopaths

Bestselling true crime writer and criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee turns his attention to a new kind of victim: the wives and partners of serial murderers who remained unaware of exactly who they had fallen for until after their other half’s arrest or, in some cases, conviction.

Only upon Peter’s arrest did Sonia Sutcliffe first discover that her husband was leading a secret existence as the Yorkshire Ripper. The wife of the Hillside Strangler only learned of her husband’s crimes when state police smashed down her door in search of him. When finding out the truth, these innocents have to face the grim reality of betrayal and deceit and often experience guilt for not having recognized the killer in their home. Christopher Berry-Dee speaks directly with killers and their oblivious loved ones to get inside the minds of the men and women who fall for murderers.

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