Christopher Berry-Dee

Born in 1948, Christopher Berry-Dee is descended from Dr. John Dee, Court Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, and is the founder and former Director of the Criminology Research Institute (CRI), and former publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Criminologist, a highly respected journal on matters concerning all aspects of criminology from law enforcement to forensic psychology.

Christopher has interviewed and interrogated over thirty of the world’s most notorious killers—serial, mass and one-off—including Peter Sutcliffe, Ted Bundy, Aileen Wuornos, Dennis Nilsen and Joanne Dennehy. He was co-producer/interviewer for the acclaimed twelve-part TV documentary series The Serial Killers, and has appeared on television as a consultant on serial homicide, and, in the series Born to Kill?, on the cases of Fred and Rose West, the Moors Murderers and Dr. Harold Shipman. He has also assisted in criminal investigations as far afield as Russia and the United States.

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