Talking with Serial Killers

The Sinister Study of Stalkers

After over twenty-five years interviewing the most dangerous contemporary serial killers, bestselling true crime author Christopher Berry-Dee explores the darkest corners of these thrill-killers’ minds in Talking with Serial Killers: The Sinister Study of Stalkers.

As law-enforcement authorities, including the FBI’s elite Behavioral Science Unit, will confirm, the majority of sexual psychopaths gain most of their perverse thrills from the stalking of their unexpecting victims. The target has often been followed and watched for weeks or even months, and sometimes even visited before they are attacked. But the actual kill is frequently less satisfying than the pursuit, after which the murdered victim is usually abandoned or thrown away. Exhaustively studying the case histories of more than sixty modern-day sexually motivated serial murderers—some still alive, others subsequently executed—Berry-Dee zeroes in on the Internet porn industry as one of the main motivating drivers in cultivating fantasy stalking, which can lead to multiple rapes and homicides graduating to serial murder. Even more chilling, anyone who is active on social media has a higher potential to be a stalker’s next target.

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