Runaway Passion

Silver Creek Stories - Book Three

Silver Creek Stories, #3

“RUNAWAY PASSION is a wonderful adventure and a sensitive romance.” —RT BOOK REVIEWS

Emilie Hahn is determined to escape her father’s ranch, and not even the handsome Texas Rancher sent to pursue her will drag her back without a fight. Even as she resists his attempts to return her to her father, her heart can’t deny the desires that pass between them.

Creed McCaslin has been hired to rescue Emilie, and he’s going to do it. Even when he learns that she’s a runaway, not the damsel in distress her father has made her out to be. But his mission never included falling for his feisty and beautiful captive.

Will Creed return Emilie to the ranch, or will he turn out to be her true ticket to freedom?

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