Silver Surrender

Jarrett Family Sagas - Book Two

Jarrett Family Sagas, #2

“…a high adventure, bursting with the flavor of México” —RT BOOK REVIEWS

Aurelia Mazón lives with only one goal: to escape her high-mountain silver mining town for the big city. Though her father owns the mine, she wants more from life. After her father vows to send Aurelia and her mother to Guanajuato if the silver thefts at the mine continue, Aurelia sets a plan in motion to make her dreams come true.

But just when her plan begins to work, the unthinkable happens: a handsome stranger, a gringo, is arrested for the thefts. Aurelia has no choice but to break the gringo out and escape with him into the Sierra Madres, where she falls into his arms. There, she learns the gringo is Carson Jarrett, a Texas Ranger.

Chased through the Sierras by the Federales, Carson realizes that their budding, passionate romance cannot come to pass: the Mazón family will never allow Aurelia to marry a gringo. But Aurelia’s ingenuity and indomitable spirit will say otherwise.

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