Storms Never Last

“[Vivian Vaughan] can always be counted on to deliver a moving, tender romance.” —AFFAIRE DE COEUR

Eager to flea Indianola, Texas and the violent blood feud between her own family and the neighboring Suttons, Lindsey Mae Burnett makes the desperate decision to work as a shady lady to fund her escape.

March Sutton is in Indianola with one mission—murder. In an effort to relax, he pays Miss Fancy’s House of Fanciful Delights a visit where he is paired with the beautiful, innocent Lindsey.

As a fierce storm descends upon the city, both March and Lindsey find themselves in danger of being swept away by not only the harsh winds, but by each other as well. Will their love survive the dangers of the vicious storm and the looming threat of Jeb Taylor, only to be destroyed when Lindsey learns that March is one of the very Suttons she’s running from?

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