Sweet Texas Nights

Silver Creek Stories - Book Four

Silver Creek Stories, #4

“[Vivian Vaughan]’s knowledge of…Texas is phenomenal…a double bonus for history buffs and Western romance readers.” —INSIDE BOOKS

Meg Britton arrives in Silver Creek with one purpose: to see the construction of the rail line completed. Fighting against the hell-on-wheels culture of hard drinking and harder living, her own father’s misgivings, and rival railroaders, it is only Meg’s sharp tongue and steadfast determination that keep her mission afloat. That is until she meets the handsome and mysterious Kalib Cheney.

For reasons of his own, Kalib is intent on halting the construction of the railroad, and not even beautiful and bold Meg will stand in his way. But he’ll soon learn that her unyielding resolve matches his own, as does her budding desire to surrender to the embrace of her most bitter enemy.

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