Perfect Angel

“Sizzling…Original…Hypnotic…A page-turner.” —ORLANDO SENTINEL

“Thoroughly chilling and engrossing…a breathtaking psychological thriller.” —LIBRARY JOURNAL

Back at college in the ’70s, they called themselves “The Madison Seven”—a close circle of friends inseparably linked by trust, loyalty, and love. Then one night, years later, they gathered at Julia Mallet’s Manhattan apartment for a “Come-As-You-Were Party” and decided to play a game…

Tough, beautiful and independent, Julia Mallet feels her life is nearly perfect. She holds a high-profile executive position in an important advertising firm. She is raising a beautiful little daughter, Emily, without the inconvenience of a husband. And now “The Madison Seven” have come together once again to celebrate her thirty-fifth birthday…and to bring back a past that should have been left dead and forgotten.

Less than twenty-four hours later, a woman Julia barely knows is brutally and senselessly slain by a faceless psychopath. NYPD Detective Ray Burgess is a man pursued by shadows, a good cop who has stared too deeply into the face of evil, and his obsessive dedication is drawing him closer to Julia, even as a crazed killer strikes again and again.

The maniac has left a calling card behind that only Julia Mallet can read: the result of a post-hypnotic suggestion inadvertently lodged in six subconscious minds—the dark residue of a harmless party game gone terribly wrong. Now Julia knows without question that one of her six dearest friends is a murderer…and is coming after her next.

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