Vanishing Act

When retail tycoon George Samson appears in detective Joe DiGregorio’s office asking for help in faking his own death, the wary private eye knows enough to refuse. Joe D. has been having second thoughts about his move from the Long Island police force, where he’d been a lieutenant, to trying to make it as a private detective in Manhattan. Joe had made the move to be with Alison Rosen, whom he met while working a homicide case on Fire Island (FALSE FACES). Though wonderful in many ways, their relationship is strained by Joe D.’s lack of work and income. The Big City doesn’t seem to need one more private investigator.

But George Samson’s proposition isn’t easy to forget. So when Samson is found murdered, the struggling P.I. is convinced that his would-be client found another “killer.” Thing is, there’s no doubt the man is dead. What happened?

Intent on the truth, Joe D. offers his investigative talents to the new CEO of Samson Stores, who accepts, and Joe D. embarks on a case that could be the making of his new career—or the end of him.

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