In his atmospheric, complex and suspenseful psychological thriller, Seth Margolis delivers the story of a woman fleeing an abusive relationship, only to find herself with a man whose dangerous past is obscured by his seductive charm—and who may be framing her for murder.

Gwen Amiel had only wanted a job, a haven, a fresh start. But inside a wealthy family’s elegant home, a crime is committed that is so shocking—so seemingly random—that a tiny upstate New York town will never be the same. Gradually, evidence will lead the authorities to Gwen, the family’s new nanny, a woman whose past is shrouded in mystery…and violence. Now, with a police investigation swirling around her and no way to prove her innocence, she turns to the one person who seems to believe her, and the one place she feels safe. But as Gwen struggles to find answers, she’ll discover that nothing is what it seems, that no one can escape from the past, and that trusting the wrong person can destroy your sanity…and your life.

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