Shadow Haven

“Jones is especially adept at creating tense plots and authentic characters.” –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

After her husband dies in a plane crash, psychic Gabriella Deveaux leaves Boston with her young daughter, returning to her Creole roots on the beloved Louisiana bayou where she was raised. But she soon finds her new life at her old home won’t be the refuge she was hoping for: the estate is in ruins, her late husband’s wealthy family is aggressively pursuing custody of her daughter, and her gift for connecting with the spirit world seems to have left her.

When her lawyer Jarrod Landry arrives to town claiming to be on her side, she finds herself doubting his intentions—and her own ability to resist the passion that has ignited between them. Then a cryptic message from the world she thought she lost contact with arrives, warning Gabriella about an evil lurking in her midst.

As their romance blossoms, Gabriella must figure out if it’s truly Jarrod that she should be wary of, or is there something much more sinister afoot—from this world, or another.

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