A Scent of Magic

“The extraordinary Jill Jones gives her readers a unique and utterly spellbinding story to savor.” —Romantic Times

Simone LeFevre wants only two things: the first is to obtain a spot amongst the world’s most elite perfumers. The next is to exact revenge on the man who destroyed her family, her heritage, and her heart. When she discovers a mysterious elixir dating back to the 19th century, she knows it’s the key to getting close to her greatest love—and her most bitter enemy.

Nick Rutledge is determined to restore his crumbled family empire; a myopic yearning that had once led him to lie, to steal, and to betray Simone, the only woman he has ever loved. It is only in his dreams that he finds himself in Simone’s arms again, dreams stirred by the essence of “My Desire,” a mysterious new perfume.

As two lovers turned bitter fierce enemies trespass into unknown regions of longing, the past and present will meet in a place of immeasurable danger and unrelenting passion.

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