Murderer With a Badge

The Secret Life of a Rogue Cop

Bill Leasure was among the least ambitious officers ever to wear the badge for the Los Angeles Police Department. He was content to work the traffic beat and only rarely gave out tickets.

He also ran scams that netted him countless riches, from stealing yachts to collecting guns and cars. And he further enriched himself setting up a murder-for-hire ring. Was he in it for the thrills? Was he a cop playing both sides of the law for the fun of it? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edward Humes explores the lies and psychopathy that enabled Bill Leasure to fool even the most savvy of city prosecutors, his own wife.

“The story of L.A.’s dirtiest cop.. a riveting glimpse of the dark side of human behavior… a fascinating walk on the wild side… Humes… recounts Leasure’s story with the skill of a master suspense novelist.” —FLINT JOURNAL

“Rife with vivid description. Disturbing.” —MIAMI HERALD

“Fascinating.. . a superbly crafted chronicle of one of the most complex, enigmatic criminals in memory. Far stronger and more compelling than most crime fiction.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Excellent… Authoritative, impeccably documented and disturbing.” —ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

“Painstaking research and hair-trigger pacing.” —PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

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