Buried Secrets

A True Story of a Serial Murder

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist comes what PUBLISHERS WEEKLY called the “definitive study” of the grizzly mass killings in Matamoros, Mexico. In the 1980’s, Adolfo Constanzo, devotee of Santeria and powerful cult leader opened shop in Mexico City as a fortune teller. He soon realized that there were greater profits in drug money than the occult, and as his status grew in the drug trade, so too did his legendary brutality. Kidnappings, torture, and murder were three weapons in his arsenal that he used to keep a vice grip on the drug trade.

Humes explores the intersections of the drug trade and politics in a way that still resonates today, also touching upon the religious elements that play into the iconic status of drug kingpins. After the ritual murder of Mark Kilroy, a student from America, Constanzo died in a shoot-out and many of his followers went to prison. This unflinching, unforgettable story is brought to vivid, terrifying life in “One of the best true-crime tales in recent time.”

“The definitive book on the most despicable yet fascinating criminal of our time.” —Ann Rule, author of THE STRANGER BESIDE ME

“Chilling… A masterful job.” —WASHINGTON POST

“Intriguing… One of the best true-crime tales in recent time.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“A fascinating trip…. Humes has crafted a book that reaches beyond Constanzo’s demented circle to explore the dimensions of modern superstition, its importance in the changing demographics of the Sun Belt and its appeal to criminals.” —LOS ANGELES TIMES

“This book and its chilling revelations will never leave you.” —SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE

“Terrific… a highly readable, authoritative account of a particularly gruesome chapter in border history.” —DALLAS MORNING NEWS

“A chilling story of murder and religious mania… this book will be in demand. Recommended.” —LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Dares to reveal the bungling and ego-driven machination of U.S. officials and their Mexican counterparts.” —MIAMI HERALD

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