The Sink or Swim Money Program

A 6-Step Plan for Teaching Your Teens Financial Responsibility

In this step-by-step guide, Dr. John E. Whitcomb takes the struggle out of teaching children fiscal responsibility, introducing positive spending habits that will last a lifetime.

Picture this, parents: Trips to the grocery store with the kids that don’t end with overpriced junk food or sulking in the backseat. Or this: Shopping for back-to-school clothes without enduring hours of your child begging for the trendiest, most expensive, sneakers.

Thanks to Dr. John E. Whitcomb’s 6-step program, this could be yours, and best of all, the habits instilled in your children thanks to this book will give them the skills they’ll need to face a scary world full of financial pitfalls as adults.

It begins with letting go. Terrifying as it seems, your children learn more with the power of non-essential spending in their hands. With the freedom to spend as they please and make their own mistakes, spending money doesn’t become an argument, but an important lesson in priorities. But they won’t be alone in the wild with a pocket full of cash. Whether for school, clothes, or hobbies, teens and parents can sign a contract detailing the limits of their spending that work for each of them.

From simple choices, like when to begin teaching your children about spending, calculating their spending budget, and finding out a plan that works best for you both, all the way to the milestones of adulthood—opening their first checking account, college savings, and getting their first car, Dr. Whitcomb’s application of the capitation method prepares readers for every step of their child’s financial journey.

Humorous, pragmatic, and with options for teens and parents from all walks of life, The Sink or Swim Money Program provides essential fiscal lessons that can’t be taught in school and teaches positive habits that last a lifetime.

Previously published as Capitating Your Kids: Teaching Your Teens Financial Independence

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