Stolen Season

A Journey Through America and Baseball's Minor Leagues

“A pennant-winning look at baseball at its purest.” —Atlanta Journal & Constitution

On the field with baseball classics like Men at Work and The Boys of Summer, David Lamb travels the backroads of America to draw a stirring portrait of minor league baseball that will enchant every fan who has ever sat in the bleachers and waited for the crack of the bat.
A sixteen-thousand mile journey across America…. A travelogue of minor league teams and the towns that support them… A chronicle of hopes and dreams… Correspondent David Lamb embarks on a trek that captures the triumphs and defeats as thousands of players do all they can to reach the big leagues. In watching the games and riding the roads, Lamb also discovers a nation that breathes baseball, and towns that wrap their own dreams around their teams. Stolen Season is full of unforgettable characters, none more so than Lamb himself, a journalist who has written about and lived baseball his entire life, telling tales with humor and with warmth of a sport that reveals as much about Americans as it does about long summer days and nine glorious innings.

“Part love letter, part snapshot, part history, and all-American…this book should be read by anyone who has yet to savor the sounds and delights of a minor-league baseball game.” —New York Times Book Review

“Thoroughly engaging.” —Sporting News

“An absorbing, delightful chronicle…at once nostaglic, sharp-eyed, and beautifully crafted.” —San Francisco Chronicle

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