Buddy Holly

A Biography

The definitive biography on Buddy Holly.

Ellis Amburn presents the most comprehensive biography ever written about the legendary figure Buddy Holly, a young man who transformed the course of American music with his shocking blend of country, western, and rhythm ‘n’ blues.

Having devoted the last five years of his life to this work—crisscrossing the rural paths of the United States from Texas to Iowa to Minnesota—Amburn portrays Holly as a mythic antihero, whose rebellious, dramatic life was a reaction against the constricting values of America in the 1950s, when his music was regarded as the work of the devil. From his wild days as a juvenile delinquent, to his first romances, to his early associations with then virtually unknown singers like Elvis Presley and Waylon Jennings, Holly emerges as a deeply tortured, driven individual and a brilliantly talented young man in a hurry to make it as a star. And like many stars, Buddy Holly’s would ultimately be tragic and bittersweet.

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