Wedding Chimes, Assorted Crimes

Theme weddings are the current rage in Lake Hope, and Keely O’Brien is the photographer of choice for the socially elite. But Keely works two weddings from which the gifts are stolen, and the implications have an unfortunate effect on her business. Local gossip columnist Flo Netherton insinuates that Keely and caterer Max Summers, if not the thieves themselves, are the perfect inside contacts for thieves, being privy to confidential details.

Pocketing her pride and her distrust of Max, Keely convinces him to help her uncover the real inside contact. Together they explore the grimy underside of the lace and tulle world of society weddings. Suddenly, once-friendly business colleagues are too busy—or too afraid—to talk. Overnight, Max and Keely become pariahs, and suspect that something more sinister than rumor is responsible for the wall of silence. And then, Flo Netherton’s body is found in Keely’s ransacked studio. Now the stakes are higher than the survival of her business…

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