Unwilling Accomplice

A Munch Mancini Mystery

Munch Mancini Mysteries, #7

No one knows you like family. For Munch Mancini, that’s what makes them dangerous.

“Barbara Seranella’s wonderful creation Munch Mancini is one of the most engaging, complex characters in mystery fiction today.” — Harlan Coben, author of NO SECOND CHANCE

Miranda “Munch” Mancini is finally feeling confident in the life she’s carved out for herself and her adopted daughter, Asia. With a good job as an auto mechanic, a house and a dog, the pair are doing just fine. Until Asia’s aunt and two cousins suddenly reappear, on the run from the Witness Protection Program and in need of Munch’s help. When one of the young cousins, Charlotte, goes missing after the death of a school friend, Munch turns to her sometimes-boyfriend and full-time cop Rico Chacon for help in unravelling Charlotte’s complicated life before it’s too late to save her from becoming one of Hollywood’s lost street kids…or worse.

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