The Masqueraders Series (Omnibus Edition)

“Laura Parker’s innovativeness and beautiful style of writing keep her a head above the rest.” — Affaire de Coeur

These five mesmerizing tales of disguise, of suspense, and of forbidden romance scorch the pages.

In THE GAMBLE, a notorious rogue discovers that a woman’s heart is the hardest jewel to steal. In BEGUILED, two people set out to con the upper crust, and discover they may be pulling an even greater scam on one another. In MISCHIEF, the only thing a dangerous man can remember is the night of passion he once shared with an unforgettable woman. In CAPRICE, a spy sets out to hunt an elusive prey, and uses seduction to trap her once and for all. And, in EMERALD AND SAPPHIRE, a man rediscovers his lost identity with the help of a woman who ignites more than just his memory.

There will be no need to disguise your love for these scintillating romances, penned by a true master of the head and the heart.

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