The Fourth Angel

Georgia Skeehan Thrillers - Book One

Georgia Skeehan Thrillers, #1

“Will do for firefighting what Patricia Cornwell did for forensic science.” —Lee Child

“A red hot debut.” —USA TODAY

When an inferno in Manhattan claims fifty lives, Georgia Skeehan, a rookie marshal with the New York City Fire Department, is thrust into command of the investigation. Georgia suspects the fire may have been started by something New York has never seen before: HTA, a kitchen-sink concoction with the thermal power of rocket fuel. HTA fires—though rare over the last decade—are so ferocious that they can melt a building’s steel and concrete framework in minutes.

Georgia soon unearths another startling possibility: the blaze may be connected to three other unsolved New York fires—and to several eerie, scripture-laden letters from a madman who calls himself the “Fourth Angel.” As she races to unravel the clues before more lives are lost, she is troubled by the erratic behavior of her partner and by the betrayal of another marshal—a man she trusted with her heart and her life.

As Georgia battles for respect in the nearly all-male bastion of the FDNY, the “Fourth Angel” tightens his grip on his real quarry—and plots an even more catastrophic and fiery finale.

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