The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries

From the bestselling author of THE OUTSIDER

Is the Shroud of Turin a holy relic or a clever fake? What was the coded message that made a poor French priest a millionaire, and does it prove that the crucifixion was a fraud? And what lies at the bottom of the 200-foot shaft on Oak Island, Newfoundland, where two centuries of digging have yet to unearth the buried treasure that must be there?

In THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, Colin Wilson presents an astonishing variety of unsolved riddles and enduring enigmas to prove that our everyday world is stranger than we believe, wilder than we can imagine.

Ranging in content from Atlantis to the Bermuda Triangle and from Kaspar Hauser to the identity of Shakespeare, Colin Wilson’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES is a comprehensive examination of the most baffling mysteries of our time.

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