The Devil’s Duology (Omnibus Edition)

The Devil's Duology

“THE DEVIL’S METAL is an absolute trip that will leave you feeling like you were right there on the tour bus.” —THE INDIE BOOKSHELF

It’s sex, drugs, rock n’ roll…but so much more in Karina Halle’s shocking novels. This two-book bundle puts fans in the front row in a battle for souls!

In THE DEVIL’S METAL, Dawn Emerson writes for Creem Magazine because it knows rock better than any other music rag out there. She follows the band Hybrid because their fans are the most devoted, the most obsessive, the most fanatical. To get the article that will make her career, she’ll get on a tour bus that is on its way straight to hell, driven by charismatic guitarist Sage Knightly, who gives Dawn the backstage pass that could be her last.

In THE DEVIL’S REPRISE, Dawn and Sage are reunited on his first solo tour. But the only thing more daunting than making a deal with the devil is discovering that you might not be able to pay it back.

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