Emma Caine returns in this sizzling sequel to FOLLY, and things are heating up—both in and out of her dungeon.

Emma Caine’s path to true love has been paved with secrets, passion, and the dungeon where it all started. With her new beau, Simon Nel, living nearly 4,000 miles away, her sex life has gone promptly from depraved to deprived. But as she fights to make her rocky relationship work, she finds the rest of her life beginning to tear at the seams.

A rival dominatrix is looking to start a turf war that can blow the roof off Emma’s dungeon—and her double life. Somehow, she must meet the impossible demands of her ailing husband’s family, find a way to get rid of an unwanted house guest, settle the feud with her new enemy, all the while holding onto a love that’s slipping through her fingers.

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