Summer Darkness, Winter Light

“[A] powerful romance brimming over with intense emotions and dark passions. Readers will be captivated from first page to last.” —RT BOOK REVIEWS

Allegra Baniard is a passionate young woman who lives for only one thing—revenge. Her family had been branded traitors and banished from Shropshire. After eight tormented years as an indentured servant in the Colonies, she returns incognito to the ancestral home of her once-noble family, vowing to avenge them all. But when she meets Greyston Morgan, the new owner of Baniard Hall, he ignites desires inside of her that burn as hot as her fiery rage.

Caught between her own love and hatred for her enemies, Allegra must decide whether to destroy them and give up her own chance for happiness, or surrender to the flame of passion between her and Grey, and betray the ghosts of her long-dead family.

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