Gold as the Morning Sun

“Sylvia Halliday’s well-crafted tale will both inspire and pull at your heartstrings.” —RT BOOK REVIEWS

Seeking to ease her ailing father’s mind as his body fails him in his final days, Callie Southgate agrees to marry the mail-order groom coming to Colorado from back east. When she meets her husband, she is timid around the handsome but mysterious man. But when they marry, she finds passion she never knew in his embrace.

Jace Greer, a con-man and bank robber, is given the perfect opportunity to start over when the stagecoach carrying a mail-order groom is ambushed, leaving Callie’s future husband dead. Taking on the deceased man’s identity as his own, Jace continues to the Southgate home with the hope of leaving his murderous past behind him.

But as true love blooms between Jace and Callie, secrets Jace tried to keep buried begin to surface, threatening their futures—and their lives.

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