Forcing Amaryllis

Selecting twelve could mean eliminating one.

Calla Gentry is good at her job, and her job is jury consulting, helping to find the right people to serve, steering trials towards acquittals or convictions before they even begin. It’s psychology and marketing, it’s understanding people better than they understand themselves, and Calla plays the system expertly.

But when she gets hired to work a criminal case, the mission is simple—get the wealthy son of a rancher acquitted for a rape and murder. As Calla investigates, she uncovers that the accused may be the man, never identified, who raped her sister years prior. Her sister still has not emerged from a suicide attempt following her brutal assault, and her assailant has never been punished. But now, if Calla is right, she has the opportunity to avenge her sister and put a monster away for good.

Brilliantly capturing the heat and culture of the southwest, this dizzying thriller delves into evocative moral dilemmas and challenges readers at every mesmerizing twist.

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