“This is a brave rollercoaster ride that made me laugh and cry…By the end, I wanted to ride the rollercoaster again.” —Claire Johnston, lead singer of Mango Groove

Life is hitting Emma Caine hard. Her husband is suffering from brain damage, she’s lost her job, and soon may lose her home. Determined not to reach rock bottom, she draws inspiration from her misspent youth and opens a domination dungeon equipped with whips and chains. Before she can say “foreclosure,” a wealth of rich men line up at the door to be dominated by her.

She doesn’t have sex with her clients, and she certainly doesn’t have feelings for them—not until the handsome and charming Simon Nel steps into her lair. Before long, she finds herself falling for a man she can never dare to love, and questioning everything she thought she knew about love, sexuality, and herself.

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