Exit Strategies

“A nice mix of legal thriller and coming-of-middle-age drama.” —BOOKLIST

“This terrific book illustrates the humor, irony, disasters, and unexpected joys life can throw at women.”—RT BOOK REVIEWS

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. Once upon a time, Becky Weston had the life of her dreams—then the Volvo, the beach house, and the luxurious lunches disappeared when her husband went looking for a much younger trophy wife. To top that, her ex is now deceased, leaving the purse strings of the children’s trust fund in the greedy hands of Number Two, leaving Becky truly out in the cold.

Having put herself through six years of night law school, Becky is now the oldest new associate in a small, aspiring law firm, where she is expected to put her life on hold and her nose to the grindstone, a prospect that’s neither anatomically advantageous nor a great deal of fun. Rescue appears in the form of a new client—bestselling author, glamorous anti-aging guru, and Becky’s college archnemesis, Bobbie Crystol. When some of the designer-clad doctor’s patients leave her life-extension spa a great deal sicker than when they entered, however, Becky grows skeptical about the pursuit of longevity at the expense of living well. Trying to save her career while maintaining her integrity, Becky comes up with the perfect exit strategy—a strategy that will reap unexpected dividends…

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