Five Years of Rape and Murder

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist gets inside the mind of a serial killer—and uncovers what makes truly evil men kill.

Robert Frederick Carr III was clever and appeared friendly, the perfect lure to draw in his next victim. His crimes were unconscionable: he kidnapped fifteen people, raped and tortured most, and murdered four before being arrested. After confessing to his grisly crimes and leading police on a cross country grave digging trip to recover the bodies, Carr begged Edna Buchanan, the police reporter for the Miami Herald, to write about him, to help prevent future crimes like his. During long hours of interviewing him in his jail cell, Buchanan found Carr to be an instinctively intelligent sadist, a predator who abandoned his wife and children to pursue a five year odyssey of violence. Carr’s story is a chilling look into the dark soul of a born killer.

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