“A mystical valentine to JFK’s media-savvy presidency.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“Rivers manages to include all the elements of the Sixties.” –Library Journal

From the international bestselling author of VIRGINS comes this hilarious take on the sexual politics and high seriousness of the Kennedy years. A young White House reporter’s evolution from personal ambition to public spirit is brilliantly set against a background of advancing civil rights and the first stirrings of American involvement in Vietnam.

CAMELOT is the story of Mary Springer, an up-and-coming White House reporter from a small Belvedere, MD, paper who is—by the standards of 1963—way ahead of her time. After striking up an acquaintance with President Kennedy when assigned to cover the White House for her paper, Mary’s personal and professional lives converge once she becomes involved in a crisis when city planners want to raze a mostly black neighborhood and build luxury apartments. While Martin Luther King Jr. prepares to march on Washington, racial violence erupts in Belvedere and the president tragically goes about his last days. Working beside Jay Broderick, a charismatic photographer, and Don Johnson, a gifted young black man recently returned from the freedom rides to the South, Mary finally connects with the spirit of liberty and egalitarianism that are the legacy of the Camelot years.

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