Breaking the Pattern

The 5 Principles You Need to Remodel Your Life

“A useful yet fun book that could provide the push you all need to achieve lasting change.” —Shape Magazine

Ever get the sense that you’re reliving the same events, arguments, and frustrations again and again? Does your relationship, job, or diet always begin full of hope, but, somehow, fail to work out in the end?

In BREAKING THE PATTERN, Dr. Charles Platkin synthesizes years of research in psychology, motivation, success, and achievement into “The 5 Principles You Need to Remodel Your Life,” helping readers to take action in those areas where they feel stuck or doomed to repeat negative past experiences. Through a series of self-reflective exercises, Platkin encourages readers to examine their successes and failures, identifying, analyzing, and finally breaking the very patterns that have kept them from realizing their dreams. By incorporating inspirational quotes and stories throughout the book, Platkin creates a positive, healing environment in which even the most self-doubting reader can gain the support and motivation necessary to begin to change his or her life for the better.

“Author breaks down five principles necessary to transform your life…And he’s not just spouting theory…” —Dallas Morning News

“BREAKING THE PATTERN blends cozy inspiration with a dose of military rigidity.” —The Denver Post

“A road map for anyone who’s failed at New Year’s resolution, or any goal for personal change.” —San Jose Mercury News

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