Bad Blood

A Gibbons and Tozzi Novel (Book 2)

Gibbons and Tozzi, #2

“Explosive…Inspired plotting that just keeps ratcheting up the tension and the comedy!” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

In BAD BLOOD, the second book in the Gibbons and Tozzi thriller series, FBI agents Mike Tozzi and Cuthbert Gibbons get into deep trouble when they investigate a deadly partnership between the Mafia and the Japanese yakuza. Gibbons takes a severe beating from a deranged assassin who believes he’s the reincarnation of an ancient samurai, and Tozzi vows revenge. But the sword-wielding madman is itching to sink his blade into Tozzi. The Godfather meets The Seven Samurai spiced with a healthy dose of humor.

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