Apache Flame

The Apache-Colton Series - Book Six

The Apache-Colton Series, #6

“Janis Reams Hudson has given us a story so lyrical and yet so earthy, description and action that literally have the reader white-knuckled, and characters so vivid they seem to speak in the reader’s ear. “—Affaire de Coeur

From the day of his birth, Pace Colton, also known as Fire Seeker, has been something of a troublemaker. Over the years he has grown into a stubborn, angry man who has managed to alienate himself from the very people he loves most.

Now a telegram has come from his family asking for his help. He has been asked to go to Mexico and find Joanna, his stepbrother’s daughter, captured by the evil, ruthless man known as El Carnicero—the Butcher. In an attempt to swallow his pride and tear down the wall between him and his family, Pace agrees, unaware of the perils that await him.

But it’s more than danger he finds in the arms of high-spirited and strong willed Joanna, and soon he finds himself fighting not only for their lives, but also for their blossoming love.

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