An Improper Companion

Charming, romantic, and painted with gorgeous Regency detail, Karla Hocker’s romances will delight readers from the very first page.

Despite her fetching blue eyes and sable hair, Kate Elliott remained every bit the prim and practical schoolmistress. Few at Miss Venable’s Seminary for Young Ladies would have dreamed that Kate had entertained romantic notions in her girlhood! At twenty-eight, she remained firmly on the shelf and—with the closing of the school—firmly unemployed. Hence, she welcomed the invitation to be Liza Ashcroft’s chaperone for the Season at Bath. But how would she endure the girl’s father? Patience was not in her nature…

Damien Ashcroft was certain that Miss Elliott would be the ideal companion for his daughter. A wallflower of quiet virtues, she would neither distract the handsome widower from scholarly pursuits nor be bothered by his impatient nature. So he was stunned to discover that the impudent Miss Elliott was outspoken to a fare-thee-well. And shocked when sassy Kate made his pulse race—and even more so when he began to not mind quite so much…

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