An Honorable Affair

Charming, romantic, and painted with gorgeous Regency detail, Karla Hocker’s romances will delight readers from the very first page.

Penelope Langham was all peaches and cream, but such stray thoughts made her blush bright red.At twenty-three, she was a model of feminine reserve and a dutiful niece to the aunt she lived with—yet secretly she yearned for a bit of adventure.

Now, with auntie’s opals stolen and the household at sixes and sevens, Penelope was about to get her wish. But when a newsman from The Times came to cover the case, Miss Langham got more than she bargained for. Julian Rutherford was clever and nosy, as reporters are prone to be…and absolutely dashing. And while his sparkling eyes inspired lovely daydreams and his lively tales delighted her, Penelope maintained decorum; her heart had been broken once, and that was enough. However, when Julian insisted they team up to find the thief, Penelope’s venturesome soul jumped with joy. To her surprise, her tender heart might soon follow suit.

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