Tobin Smith

Tobin Smith appeared in more than 2,000 opinion panel segments on Fox News during his 14-year tenure as a paid FNC Contributor and Guest Anchor. Contractually obligated to be at Fox News’ New York City studios at least 48 weeks a year to tape the weekend talk show “The Bulls & Bears” on Fridays, he was the only fulltime right-wing panelist always in the NYC studios, constantly asked by segment producers to play to role of the “hitman” or the panel member counted on to make the final right wing argument for the right wing audience at home. He also guest hosted 60+ episodes of Fox News and Fox Business Network programming from 2000-2013. While working with producers inside Fox News NYC and socializing with Fox News staff at favorite watering holes after work, he learned never-before revealed strategies Fox News production staff used to rig the outcomes of FNC opinion debate segments. Smith is also a New York Times bestselling author whose books include ChangeWave Investing 2.0 and Billion Dollar Green.

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