Diana Hansen-Young

Artist Diana Hansen-Young held elective office in Hawaii, and was Hawaii’s leading artist throughout the 80’s and 90’s, moving to New York in 1997. She wrote the book and lyrics for Mimi Le Duck, an off-Broadway musical in 2006 starring EARTHA KITT. In Hawaii, she wrote and illustrated 10 books in the Mango Hill children’s series, a self-help book for women (Why Not?), and three art and poetry coffee-table books. She published the first art posters and calendars in Hawaii, and sold over 250,000 calendars with her images. Her line included mugs (500,000 to Kraft Foods, Jack-In-The-Box, Liberty House, etc), jewelry, women and children’s clothing as well as hundreds of posters, prints and greeting cards. She wrote and produced three animated children’s cartoon programs based on the Mango Hill series that ran on NBC and sold 5,000 VHS videos of the programs. In the same year, she wrote and produced a one-hour animated movie Honolulu Nights (a noir detective story set in Honolulu in 1930) that also aired on NBC, sponsored by JC Penney.

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