Allyson Reedy

It was only a matter of time before food and writing came together for Allyson Reedy. After all, she spent most of her life devoted to both arts, just not usually at the same time. Her history with eating probably goes back a bit further – back to the time a waitress commented, “What a mighty appetite for such a little girl!” It continues through guys asking her, “Would I have to own a Domino’s to date you?” because she ate so much pizza, and a waiter writing her a love poem inspired by her appetite.

For Allyson, writing began as a hobby. Her childhood stories of Super Muscle Girl, written growing up in southern California, developed into a Journalism degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, which then led to a love column in the YourHub section of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. Then, three and a half years ago, fate and inevitability found her when she began writing about restaurants for Gannett Media’s entertainment website, Besides Metromix, she writes for a variety of magazines, like 5280, Edible and Meatpaper.

Allyson’s love of food and writing led her to write Breaking the Chain, and there’s no one else who could have written it quite like she did. For one, they wouldn’t have the appetite. For another, they don’t have the passion, the spunk, the obsession – whatever you want to call it that rushes through her veins and rules her stomach.


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