Melissa Macdonald and Tatyanna Wright

Author Melissa Macdonald is a mother to two boys, Cameron and Cooper, and like most women experienced difficulties breastfeeding. "I was in tears a lot of the time and couldn't understand why I was failing at what was meant to be such an easy thing to do." She has interviewed hundreds of women who shared with her their stories of feeding their babies with both breast and bottle, and the highs and lows that come with it. Melissa is also a respected media commentator and has appeared on the "Today Show" several times as well as "The Circle" to talk about breastfeeding issues. She has also written a string of articles for a number of magazines and websites in Australia and the USA. Check out her website

Tatyanna Wright is a maternity lifestyle expert and founder of Haute Mama. She offers pregnant women and new mothers advice on baby products, toys, parenting consultants, holistic wellness, doulas, greening, and keeping ones own personal style while pregnant. She blogs and writes an online maternity style column for Citiscoop, a weekly Citibabes e-newsletter. Tatyanna also plans events bringing together speakers, shopping experiences catering to mothers and on trend topics. Tatyanna is the mother of two young children. Check out her website, Haute Mama.

Here is Melissa and Tatyanna's latest eBook: Breastfeeding: Real Moms Tell You How